The Social Role Valorization Implementation Project
sponsored by Shriver Clinical Services Corporation
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Announcing the publication of a new SRV Journal

Statement of Purpose

We believe that Social Role Valorization (SRV), when well applied, has the potential to help societally devalued people to gain greater access to the good things of life, and to be spared at least some of the negative effects of social devaluation.

Toward this end, the purposes of this journal include:

  1. disseminating information about SRV;
  2. informing readers of the relevance of SRV in addressing the devaluation of people in society generally and in human services particularly;
  3. fostering, extending and deepening dialogue about, and understanding of, SRV; and
  4. encouraging the application of SRV, as well as SRV-related research.

SRVIP Journal CoverWe see this journal as a helpful addition to the international SRV training culture.

We hope that the information provided in this journal will help those in relationship with devalued people, as well as those specifically involved in service to others (both formally and informally; and at all levels, including by family, friends, advocates, direct care workers, managers, trainers, etc.) to advocate for, and to provide, more valued life conditions and more relevant and coherent service. We believe that interested persons and ‘servers’ can do this primarily by helping devalued people to attain and maintain valued social roles. We believe that over the long run, such efforts will improve the life situations overall of vulnerable people, increasing their access to the ‘good things of life.’ We sincerely hope that this journal will contribute to such efforts.