The Social Role Valorization Implementation Project
sponsored by Shriver Clinical Services Corporation
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SRV Journal Editorial Policy

We believe that informed and open discussions of SRV, and even constructive debates about it, can only help to promote its dissemination, relevance and application. Therefore, we encourage people with a range of experience with SRV to submit items for consideration of publication. We hope that those with much experience in teaching or implementing SRV, as well as those who are just beginning to learn about it, will contribute to the Journal.

We encourage readers and writers in a variety of roles and from a variety of human service backgrounds to subscribe and to contribute. We do expect that writers who submit items will have at least a basic understanding of SRV, gained for example by attendance at a multi-day SRV workshop, by studying relevant resources, or both. (Some easily available resources are listed below.)

We are particularly interested in receiving submissions from family members, friends and servers of devalued people who are trying to put the ideas of SRV into practice, even if they do not consider themselves as ‘writers.’ Members of our editorial boards will be available to help contributors with articles accepted for publication. The journal will also have an academic peer review section for those who are interested.